Churches have had to move fast during the pandemic

You're finally getting to grips with shooting videos and experimenting with live streaming.

Now give your videos the love they deserve by showing them in a beautiful, distraction free environment which is branded like your website. Your congregation will love the simplicity and will welcome the lack of distraction – so that they can focus on your message, forge stronger connections to your church community and escape the ever increasing noisiness of YouTube.


The All-In-One Toolkit for Showcasing Your Videos

Before Faithly

You’ve invested lots of time and money into creating online video and live streaming your worship services but you’re wondering how to get the most out of this digital content. You know sending the congregation off to noisy platforms like YouTube & Facebook isn’t right for you but you don’t have the tech team available to explore other options. Embedding onto your own site is stressful and time consuming and you know there must be a better way.

After Faithly

You’ll feel like the missing piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place. Your congregation can worship at home in a more church-like environment without the distraction of recommended videos, inappropriate comments, notifications and friend suggestions. New visitors to the site will gain a great first impression and your volunteer team can breathe easy now that it is actually fun to manage your videos. In fact it’s so easy to manage that all of your volunteers will be able to manage the site as part of their worship if they wish to.
A sense of wellbeing and calm descends upon you as you realise ‘we’ve got this’.

Fantastic Faithly Features

Fits right in with your current workflow

Faithly plays nicely with your current video and streaming platforms. Live stream from YouTube? Not a problem. Faithly integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and more

Beautiful Design

Faithly offers a beautiful, minimalistic video viewing experience out of the box which is a million miles away from the noise and distraction of other platforms. Add on the fact that it inherits the branding of your existing site and you can start to see the attraction.

Effortless to use

Gone are the days of needing a dedicated tech team at the ready to show off your beautiful videos on your own site. No embed codes, no messing about with code. Just drop your video links in and the video pages take care of themselves. It really is that simple.

Promote Your Church

Faithly pages are optimised to appear well in the Search Engines. With so many people looking online before deciding to join a church this is your opportunity to really catch their interest.

Great Support

At Faithly we pride ourselves on our support as much as we do the actual platform. We will be with you the whole way and we love going above and beyond.


Faithly’s number one reason for existing is to allow you to show your videos and live streaming serenely and distraction free. We take this mission seriously and have built everything with this in mind. If it doesn’t promote serenity, it doesn’t get in.

The Faithly platform has hugely simplified access to our online church content and has enabled even our most technically challenged to get online. It is so simple to access the livestream page simply and without all the complications that exist with other platforms. The process of uploading or linking livestream videos is so very simple to accomplish, with a beautifully designed easy to navigate interface. In addition to that the Faithly team are amazing to deal with, and there to help with advice at any point.

Daniel ErnstBroadgrace Church, Broadlands and North Norfolk

We have been delighted with the service and support we have received from Faithly. They understand our requirements very well and have been very responsive to questions and requests for enhanced functionality. This has given us a great addition to our website.

Martin HodderLongmeadow Evangelical Church, Stevenage

The team at Faithly did a fantastic job with our new website. We have a big community and the new site allows us to stay up to date on events, news and music

Catherine DysonVocality, Surrey

The Faithly 30 Day Test Drive

Why not take Faithly for a spin?

For a limited time we will also set your site up for you and fill it with your videos.

All we need is a link to your website. We’ll set up a Faithly site with your own branding and all of your videos the same day.

Zero fuss, no work for you and it’s completely risk free. No credit card needed.

If you don’t want the site after 30 days we’ll take it down and depart as friends. If you do like it then we’ll get you signed up to one of our Faithly plans and you will continue to get the benefits of having a Faithly site for as long as you want. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Let Do This

did we mention, no credit card required?